Why Choose d.i.i. Investment GmbH to Invest in the German Residential Property Market?

An Important and Sought-After Asset Class:
The investment opportunities of professional or institutional investors such as insurance companies and banks, as well as pension funds and capital collection agencies, are severely limited in the long term. In view of the consistently high investment pressure, real estate is and will therefore remain an important asset class in demand for professional investors.

Even though it must be assumed that the momentum of price growth could weaken somewhat in the coming years, residential real estate can still generate solid returns at a reasonable level of risk.

Since 2010, Germany’s Residential Property Market has been Paced by Steep Price Hikes Based on Sound Fundamentals:
The positive demographics, the robust labour market and the economic growth are driving the keen demand for residential real estate and residential accommodation, especially in the prospering metro regions.

Now, as then, there are plenty of locations and assets with capital appreciation potential. Finding these and implementing socially and environmentally sustainable projects requires advanced know-how, but eventually delivers investment opportunities all the more profitable for investors – which is why d.i.i. is such a sought-after partner among professional and institutional investors.

Deliverables by d.i.i. Investment GmbH for Professional Investors

The following deliverables are available to professional investors from us:

  • Launching and administrating closed-end domestic special AIF
  • Launching and administrating managed accounts and single mandates
  • Open-ended special AIF and separate asset pools
  • Specialised portfolio management on the basis of long-term expertise
  • Professional market research and constant monitoring of our investment strategy
  • Active portfolio development through neighbourhood development and energy efficiency development of assets

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