Taking Our Responsibility Seriously

As one of Germany’s leading specialists for residential real estate, d.i.i. is well aware of its social and environmental responsibility.

Our company takes its responsibility very seriously, and in many ways offers safeguards, especially to our incumbent tenants, that go well beyond the applicable legal standards.




social concerns

Purpose of Incumbant Tenats

d.i.i. strives to carry out property-specific (commercial and building engineering) measures planned for the purpose of optimising its housing estates in ways that will not adversely affect the social concerns of incumbent tenants.


Protection of older, physically disadvantaged and low-income earners

We grant special protection to the elderly and people with physical disabilities as well as to low-income earners.


Social urban and neighbourhood development

Socially responsible urban development should not only seek to create sufficient housing that adequately accommodates different personal circumstances, but should also be aimed at strengthening neighbourhoods, promoting interaction among the various population groups and preventing socio-spatial segregati

Transparent communication

Transparent communication with incumbant tenants and municipalities

d.i.i. is committed to maintaining transparent communications with its incumbent tenants and with the municipalities in which it invests.


housing shortage

Create additional living space

Against the background of the housing shortage especially in central locations, d.i.i. examines its housing estates for possibilities to create additional residential accommodation by adding extra floors to existing building or through infill densification in the residential quarters



Ecologically acceptable and geared towards sustainability

Our in-house building and project department ensures that environmental and sustainability aspects are factored in when modernising existing properties or raising new ones