Successful Housing Privatisation Sales Based on Long-Term Experience

The d.i.i. Group safely converts rental housing into condominiums.

Retailing condominiums in multi-family dwellings always requires a concept tailored to the property – and plenty of experience. Housing privatisations have been part of d.i.i.’s business since the company was formed. The socially responsible retailing of residential units to tenants, owner-occupiers and buy-to-let investors has been among our core competencies for many years.

Privatisations with an Eye on the Main Details

To make the privatisation of a housing estate a success, we invariably take all the major aspects of a given property into account – such as its location and environment, its technical and energetic standards, and its tenant structure. Close communication among the various divisions of the d.i.i. Group ensures that analyses meet relevant professional standards and that process flows remain reliable. Acquisition, investment, construction management, administration and sales – our units work hand in glove. Our safe and efficient processes have enabled us to market several hundred units per year.

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