Our Offer: Condominiums and Apartment buildingss - new and existing properties.

As one of the leading specialists in the field of residential real estate, d.i.i. has a comprehensive and variable range for buyers and investors, In addiition to condominiums, we also sell apartment builduings, and we are active in both exisiting and new properties.


Erfolgreiche Wohnungsprivatisierungen dank langjähriger Erfahrung

The d.i.i. Group safely converts rental flats into condominiums. Retailing condominiums in multi-family dwellings always requires a concept tailored to the property – and plenty of experience. Housing privatisations have been part of d.i.i.’s business since the company was formed. The socially responsible retailing of residential units to tenants, owner-occupiers and buy-to-let investors has been among our core competencies for many years.

To make the privatisation of a housing estate a success, we always consider every key aspect of a given property – including its location and environment, its technical and energetic standards, and its tenant structure. Close communication among the various divisions of the d.i.i. Group ensures that analyses meet relevant professional standards and that process flows remain reliable. Acquisition, investment, construction management, administration and sales – our units work hand in glove. Our safe and efficient processes have enabled us to market several hundred units per year.

Modernised Multi-Dwelling Units with Satisfied Tenants

Multi-dwelling units are subject to strong demand both among private and among professional investors, as they represent assets of long-term profitability. d.i.i. regularly sells modernised portfolio properties in Germany’s metro regions. We capitalise on our experience and competence as property developer by subjecting assets in our inventory to thorough energy-efficient refurbishments and by upgrading them to the latest standards. At the same time, we increase the lettable area and boost rent revenues by adding balconies and developing attic floors. Whenever tenants move out, the vacated flats are renovated to qualify them for higher asking rents.

Our approach to achieve significant reductions in residential service charges for the incumbent tenants of our properties is to practice an active service charge management and to combine energy refurbishment measures with the renegotiation of utility and service agreements.

This way, we keep the cost burden on households largely on the same level as before the modernisation despite an increase in basic rent and an optimised rental yield.

New-Build Housing Estates in Sought-After Locations

Our comprehensive experience in property development is also employed in the new-build construction of housing estates in choice locations. We realise our projects primarily in metro regions dominated by serious housing shortages. To this end, d.i.i. takes advantage of the fact that all the competencies required in property development are available in-house. Rather than commissioning a general contractor, we coordinate the building works under our own steam, achieving significant cost cuts. The savings generated by pooling all of the processes are consistently passed on to our buyers and investors.

Another key advantage for d.i.i. is our broad-based experience in the collaboration with municipalities. We know how to integrate all stakeholders involved in a large-scale residential property development—from authorities all the way to neighbours—and how to convince them of the merits of our concept design. This sort of cooperation is facilitated by the fact that d.i.i. has always striven to structure its business in sustainable and socially responsible ways in the best interest not only of its buyers and investors, but of the entire community.

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