What We Offer in Return for Your Services

Since we are located in the direct vicinity of Wiesbaden’s central railway station, you benefit from convenient public transportation links. Rapid transit lines, regional train service and buses are available within walking distance, with connecting services to the entire Rhine-Main region. The close proximity to Wiesbaden’s central railway station put you within reach of convenient public transport links. Rapid transit lines, regional trains and buses are available within walking distance, providing service connections throughout the Rhine-Main region.

All of our employees receive a complimentary public transport pass for the entire Rhine-Main public transport system. This makes your commute to work convenient and sustainable. Weekends, holidays and workdays after 19:00 CET, your family gets to ride for free on your transport pass.

d.i.i. provides continuous, holistic development options to its employees, be it for professional or leadership skills. On the one hand, we offer you the option to attend in-house seminars, such as IT classes, subject-specific lectures or soft-skill training programs. On the other hand, you get to participate in personal professional development programs and in seminars together with your team.

Are you an early bird or a morning grouch? Either one is fine with us. Thanks to the flexible work-time arrangement at d.i.i., you can decide for yourself at what time you want your day to start and end, as long as you observe our core working hours (10:00 - 16:00 CET Mondays through Thursdays, 10:00 -14:00 on Fridays).

We offer our employees the option to work conveniently from home.

Our employees are entitled to 30 days annual paid leave in all. On top of that, seniority can increase your annual leave up to a maximum of 34 days.

To keep you sound and in shape, d.i.i. is regularly contributing to a healthy diet for you. In addition to free coffee beverages and water, we regularly provide treats to our employees – for example with fresh-made smoothies and a fresh fruit and vegetable counter on so-called d.i.i. Healthy Days.

As d.i.i. employee, you benefit from a variety of price discounts and special bargains on products and services of various vendors. 

Profitieren Sie als d.i.i. Mitarbeiter (m/w/d) von vielfältigen Preisnachlässen und deutlichen Sonderkonditionen auf Produkte und Dienstleistungen zahlreicher Anbieter. 

Our employees benefit from various discounts and special conditions of a variety of products and services.

We very much want our workforce to be a close-knit community of colleagues and friends. That is why we celebrate midsummer and Christmas together.

We partnered up wiesbaden´s holiday program for children in order to provide our employees those highly coveted tickets in advance and also to help maintain the reconciliation of family and work life.

We partnered up with an energy and service company in order to offer our employes a special certified electricity tariff for sustainable energy.

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