Berlin, Pankow – Mühlenstraße

Sale of new build condominium

Braunschweig, Schweidnitzstraße 1-5

Sale of Apartment Building

Brühl, Jordanstraße 12-16

Sale of Condominiums

Celle, Bultstraße 41, Steffensstraße 1-5

Sale of four apartment houses

Celle, Hostmannstraße 14-26

Sale of three apartment houses

Cologne, Max-Fremery-Straße 6, 6a

Sale of apartment buildings

Frankfurt, Seilerstraße 19a

Sale of Condominiums

Hamburg, Falkenbergsweg 20-24

Sale of condominiums

Hamburg, Reembroden 45-61

Sale of condominiums and top floor new build apartments

Hamburg, Wientapperweg 16 h-k

W16 Townhäuser – Sale of 4 New-Build Attached Houses - Already 50% sold!

Hamburg, Wientapperweg 18-20

Sale of condominiums and new attic apartments

Köln-Immendorf, Stormstraße 15-17

Sale of two apartment houses

Köln, Sonderburgerstraße 45

Sale of condominiums

Lippstadt, Graf-Adolf-Straße 31-45

Sale of apartment building

Mainz, Eichendorffstraße 43-49

Sale of two apartment houses

Mainz, Flachsmarktstraße 26

Sale of condominiums and 2 commercial units

Mainz, Hegelstraße 27-29

Sale of one apartment house

Mainz, Heidelbergerfassgasse 18

Sale of condominiums and 2 commercial units

Mainz, Josefsstrasse 18

Sale of condominiums

Mainz, Schießgartenstraße 11

Sale of condominiums and one commercial unit

München, Stroblstraße 22-24

Sale of condominiums

Residential Portfolio Berlin Hakenfelde

Sale of eight apartment buildings

Wedel, Tinsdaler Weg 123a

TinsHuus - Sales of new condominiums

Wiesbaden, Augustastrasse 6-16 / Viktoriastraße 1

Viktoria Viertel - Sale of new build condominiums

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