Optimising Construction Costs through
In-House Project Management

Large-scale property developments and capital improvements involve highly complex construction processes that bring a number of different trades and services together that need to be controlled. Property developers will often hire general contractors to control the processes and to ensure that the construction or capital improvement of a property proceeds smoothly until its turnkey handover.

By contrast, d.i.i. handles the project management of its property developments in-house.

Deploying its own team, d.i.i. supervises the various sub-contractors involved in a given construction or capital improvement process, and ensures compliance with the requested and required quality standards as well as the adherence to set deadlines and budgets. Our company thus saves the premiums a general contractor would charge for a building project. This enables us to keep construction costs relatively low, which in turn translates into higher downstream returns when the finished property is sold or let.


Years of Experience in Housing Construction

Due to our many years of experience in housing construction, we are well aware of the potential pitfalls a property development is exposed to, and know inversely how to ensure a smooth process. d.i.i. brings the following competencies and deliverables to the field of project management:

  • planning of construction and capital improvement works
  • control of all sub-contractors and service providers involved in the construction process
  • Monitoring the quality, time and cost management
  • Administrative and contract control

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