Viktoria Viertel

Luxurious new apartments in a central location

Viktoria Viertel is a classy, small residential quarter with around 280,000 inhabitants in the middle of Wiesbaden.

Why it is worth buying a new apartment in the Viktoria Viertel

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Efficiency houses
residential area
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Viktoria Viertel – New build flats for sale in the middle of Wiesbaden

Centrally location in Wiesbaden, the “Viktoria Viertel” district is a new residential district with a total of 84 new build flats. The freehold flats, which are already available for purchase, are spread over eight flat complexes that each have four to five storeys. The surface area of the two-, three- and four-room flats is between 70 and 156 square metres. The new build flats are expected to be completed by 2022 and handed over to buyers.

The “Viktoria Viertel” district is located in a very popular residential area in the immediate vicinity of the popular Wilhelmstrasse in the centre of Wiesbaden. Despite this urban location in the heart of the capital of the State of Hesse, the “Viktoria Viertel” district has been designed by the renowned architecture firm Zaeske in such a way that the inhabitants of the new build flats will discover a quiet and relaxing living space. The architecture of the new district is open and generously designed, and the extensive outdoor green spaces ensure the district feels very roomy.

Attractive for owner-occupiers and investors

Those who buy a new build flat in the “Viktoria Viertel” district in Wiesbaden to live in it themselves benefit from a high quality of living and excellent connections. Due to the central location in Wiesbaden and the economically prosperous and growing Rhine-Main Metropolitan Region, the flats are also a value-stable investment. This advantage is also enjoyed by those who buy the new build flats as an investment and want to rent them out. The demand for housing in Wiesbaden and especially in the city centre is so great that rentals there are very attractive.

The “Viktoria Viertel” district is recultivating a part of the city that has not been accessible to the citizens of Wiesbaden for a long time. This new district, which is inspired by historic city villas in terms of urban planning and architecture, ties in with the existing residential district, contributing to Wiesbaden’s modern urban development.

High quality of living with lots of light

The new build flats themselves also offer a high quality of living and allow their inhabitants to enjoy a relaxing lifestyle in the middle of the city. All the residential units are oriented in two directions. With their high and wide window fronts, the flats feature a lot of light and offer an extraordinary view of the district’s green spaces and the bustle of Wiesbaden.

The high floors with a ceiling height of more than 2.70 metres also contribute to the unique and generous quality of living. These freehold flats have balconies, roof terraces or terraces, and the ground floor flats also include private gardens. As a result, the flats are directly connected to the new district’s green spaces.

Energy-efficient, sustainable and smart home-ready

The eight flat complexes in the “Viktoria Viertel” district are KfW-55 efficiency houses. This means that the new build flats are highly energy efficient, which protects the environment while saving associated costs. Furthermore, buyers of the freehold flats can expect government subsidies in the form of subsidised loans and a repayment bonus due to the high energy efficiency standards.

Completing the overall sustainability concept of this residential district, the many outdoor green spaces feature a wide variety of flora and fauna. In addition to the high energy efficiency, the modern new build flats in the “Viktoria Viertel” district also draw attention to the fact that they are ready for the implementation of smart home solutions. There are also numerous charging stations for e-bikes. Sufficient parking spaces for personal cars are available in an underground car park.

About the developer

Viktoria Viertel – About the developer

The d.i.i. Group has joined forces with the architectural firm Zaeske as developers and architects, respectively, to plan and implement the new “Viktoria Viertel” district in the middle of Wiesbaden. Not only do both companies have extensive experience and great renown in their fields, but they are also both from Wiesbaden. They are familiar with the city and its inhabitants, they know what suits Wiesbaden, and they know what kind of housing will benefit both the buyers of the new builds as well as Wiesbaden itself.

d.i.i. Logo
d.i.i. Residential real estate
d.i.i. – We are residential real estate

This housing company from Wiesbaden is a leading residential real estate specialist in Germany. It is the d.i.i. Group that is responsible for developing the “Viktoria Viertel” district. d.i.i. was founded in 2006 and has been involved in new residential construction for many years. When constructing flats, d.i.i. brings all the processes under a single roof, so it can implement fast and cost-effective solutions that nevertheless lead to unique and modern living spaces. d.i.i. consistently passes on the resulting cost savings to its buyers and tenants.

d.i.i. attaches great importance to environmental and social sustainability. Whether modernising existing flats or constructing new builds, it ensures that the residential properties meet modern energy efficiency standards, so the residents benefit from energy savings.

The architectural firm Zaeske

The architectural firm Zaeske has existed for more than 50 years. The aim of the renowned firm is sustainable architecture in a functional and social regard as well as cultural and aesthetic sense.

Just like d.i.i., this firm is at home in Wiesbaden, and it is well aware of the development of the capital of the State of Hesse. With the “Viktoria Viertel” district, the architectural firm Zaeske has succeeded in carefully incorporating a new building project into the historical appearance of the eastern residential area.


Viktoria Viertel Picture in the evening
Viktoria Viertel Office
Viktoria Viertel Exterior view
Viktoria Viertel Bathroom
Viktoria Viertel Bedroom
Viktoria Viertel Exterior view
Viktoria Viertel Terrasse
Viktoria Viertel Picture in the evening
Viktoria Viertel Terrasse
Viktoria Viertel Picture in the evening
Viktoria Viertel Kitchen and Dining room
Viktoria Viertel Exterior view

360° view of the area

Bild Rundgang in einer Wohnung

360 ° tour in an apartment in the Viktoria Viertel

360° Aussicht Viktoria Viertel

360° outlook

Before and after

Construction process

Living environment

Viktoria Viertel – Central residential area in Wiesbaden

The “Viktoria Viertel” district is located in the middle of Wiesbaden and benefits from all the amenities of an urban and central residential area: In addition to the basic infrastructure encompassing supermarkets, educational and medical facilities as well as connections to local public transport, a wide range of cultural, gastronomic and entertainment services is also available. Plus numerous recreation opportunities – it is not for nothing that Wiesbaden has a long tradition as a health resort.

But that is not the only reason why the ”Viktoria Viertel” district is associated with peace and relaxation despite its central location. The new residential district does not front directly on Frankfurter Strasse, keeping the noise nuisance levels from that area low. Victoriastrasse and Augustastrasse, which are also adjacent to the new district, are quiet residential streets.

Transport links

Wiesbaden Central Railway Station is only a 15-minute walk from the “Viktoria Viertel” district. The central station provides connections to local, regional and national trains. Frankfurt am Main can be reached by train in around 30 minutes, as can Frankfurt Airport. The neighbouring university city of Mainz is less than a 12-minute train ride away. Furthermore, numerous bus connections that serve the other parts of Wiesbaden are also available from the central station.

The central residential location also allows residents of the “Viktoria Viertel” district to drive to all the major cities in the area quickly by car. The A66 motorway, which goes directly to Frankfurt am Main, can be reached within 6 minutes. Frankfurt Airport can also be reached in only 20 to 30 minutes via the A3.

Viktoria Viertel Verkehrsanbindung
Viktoria Viertel Natur

Local amenities

A Tegut branch will open right in the “Viktoria Viertel” district in 2021, giving the new district’s residents access to a regional supermarket with a focus on organic food. The Rewe and Aldi Süd branches can also be reached within 15 minutes. With Rossmann, dm and Müller, several drugstores are also only about 15 minutes away on foot.

Medical care near the “Viktoria Viertel” district is excellent. The Medicum medical centre is only a 6-minute walk away. It is home to 60 doctors with 16 areas of expertise. Furthermore, numerous other established doctors with a variety of specialisations are available near the new residential district. The renowned St. Josefs Hospital is also within easy walking distance. There is also a pharmacy 6 minutes on foot from the “Viktoria Viertel” district.

The immediate vicinity of the new district is also home to numerous day-care centres from a variety of providers. Several schools are also within walking distance of the “Viktoria Viertel” district.

Gastronomy and culture

It takes only 5 to 10 minutes to walk from the “Viktoria Viertel” district to Wilhelmstrasse. Wilhelmstrasse, also known as the “Rue”, is Wiesbaden’s most important arterial road and most famous boulevard. The area around Wilhelmstrasse features countless cafés, restaurants and bars, all of which will take a long time to try out. Even shopping lovers will find what they want in the city centre district.

Also on Wilhelmstrasse, theatre, opera and ballet of national and international standing are performed in the Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden. The famous Wiesbaden casino is also nearby. This area also features numerous cinemas that show everything from blockbusters to arthouse films.

And if you are looking for something more laid back, the restaurant Tutti Frutti, which has developed into a genuine neighbourhood meeting place, can be found right next to the “Viktoria Viertel” district. In addition to pleasant company, they offer Sicilian pizza and a wide selection of hummus and espressos.

Viktoria Viertel Culture
Viktoria Viertel Park

Nature and recreation

Nature lovers can reach Wiesbaden’s Kurpark (a public park) within a 15-minute walk from the “Viktoria Viertel” district. The park’s style is reminiscent of English landscaped gardens and is ideal for recreation. Take a boat trip on its pond or relax and enjoy food and drinks in the beer garden. Concerts are also held in the Kurpark.

The Rhine is, of course, also worth a visit. The riverbank invites you to relax and take a stroll – whether on the Wiesbaden or Mainz side of the Rhine.

View of all important locations

    Housing units – Examples from 84 housing units

    2 room apartment penthouse 3.4.2

    RoomLiving spaceExtras
    272,62 m2Roof terrace

    2 room apartment penthouse 3.4.1

    RoomLiving spaceExtras
    293,44 m2Balcony

    2 room apartment 5.1.2

    RoomLiving spaceExtras
    269,93 m2Balcony

    3 room apartment with garden 3.0.2

    RoomLiving spaceExtras
    3105,45 m2Garden area

    3 room apartment 1.2.2

    RoomLiving spaceExtras
    3121,01 m22 Balconies

    3 room apartment penthouse 5.5.1

    RoomLiving spaceExtras
    3158,00 m2Roof terrace and terrace

    3 room apartment 1.1.1

    RoomLiving spaceExtras
    393,50 m2Balcony

    3 room apartment 3.1.3

    RoomLiving spaceExtras
    375,43 m2Balcony

    4 room apartment 1.2.1

    RoomLiving spaceExtras
    4109,37 m2Balcony

    4 room apartment 5.3.1

    RoomLiving spaceExtras
    4109,37 m2Balcony

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