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d.i.i. Safely Converts Rental Flats into Condominiums 

Retailing condominiums in multi-family dwellings always requires a concept tailored to the property – and plenty of experience. As it is, d.i.i. has already completed quite a number of privatisations: The socially responsible disposal of condominiums to tenants, owner-occupiers and buy-to-let investors has been one of our core competencies for many years.

Long-Term Experience in Housing Privatisation

To make our privatisation drives a success, we always take all key aspects of a given property into account, including the location, the specific characteristics of a property, and its tenant structure. Another key factor is the close coordination among the various business units of d.i.i.: acquisition, investment, construction management, administration and sales work hand in glove from the start.

Sales Preparations Involve the Following Measures:

  • Property analysis and technical viewing
  • Development of a bespoke privatisation concept
  • Procurement of the self-contained apartment certificate or of the approval for subdivision
  • Drafting the shared ownership deeds, and implementing the partition in the land register
  • Development of an advertising concept

Once these measures have been taken care of, we kick off the sales drive. This is where our in-house sales team comes into play, and the d.i.i. partners – these being closely associated estate agencies on location. The sales teams are centrally supported by the back-office staff of our internal sales, project planning and marketing teams. Our track record so far speaks for itself: d.i.i. currently sells more than 600 residential units annually, using this approach.