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Entrust Yourself to the Experts of d.i.i. Group.

The d.i.i. Group specialises in residential real estate, and has a track record of exceptional competence in this highly complex market segment. We assume responsibility for projects of any scope, from the reinstatement of single assets, to the development of entire urban quarters, and all the way to new construction.

All business lines of relevance for the success of our projects are handled in-house. This includes, inter alia, the areas of energy efficiency development, service charge management, housing privatisation, sales and financing. Entrust yourself to our combined in-house skills – and our extensive competence in each of our business lines.

  • Overview
  • Asset Development

    d.i.i. will refurbish or modernise vintage properties to turn them into highly attractive accommodation with excellent energy footprints. The examples shown here are houses in Leverkusen-Opladen.

  • Urban Quarter Development

    d.i.i. is your partner for a comprehensive, successful quarter development. A good case in point is the housing estate we reinstated in Düren.

  • New Schemes

    d.i.i.'s spectrum of deliverables also includes the construction of single properties or entire housing estates – as the latest project in Kiel, EDUR-Park, demonstrates.

  • Energy Efficiency Development

    Our approach toward a green energy footprint is to perform extensive technical analyses first, execute pinpoint measures next, and eventually achieve substantial appreciation of our assets by having cut their energy consumption.

  • Service Charge Management

    The comprehensive management of service charges is a good way for us to boost the profitability of our property assets without noticeably increasing the rent load.

  • Housing Privatisation

    To ensure success in the privatisation of our properties, we always draft a unique marketing concept.

  • Financing

    d.i.i. maintains an in-house financing department whose sphere of ownership includes the liquidity management as well as the continuous optimisation of financing arrangements for existing buildings or developments.