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Dedicated to Lowering Service Charges and Raising the Quality of Living.

Germany's Federal Government has kept raising the bar with ever tighter sustainability standards. Vintage buildings rarely ever stand a chance of meeting them. But our experience shows that carefully implemented energy efficiency measures make our properties competitive and fit for the future. Here as elsewhere, the special know-how and skills in this area that we acquired over many years in this line of business is paying off.

Benefit from our Unique Competence

As one of the few companies in Germany that specialise in residential real estate, d.i.i. has what it takes to develop older housing estates along the lines of the German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) and bring them up to the standard of brand new buildings. And that is not all: We combine the energy savings that our measures achieve with the subsidies by the KfW development bank to lower the costs of gas and power by up to 50%.

While our optimisation measures bring the properties up to standard, technologically speaking, we also ensure that residents benefit from high-end home amenities for decades to come, and make a sustainable contribution to environmental protection while drastically cutting the ancillary rental costs at the same time.

Pinpoint Adoption of the Latest Efficiency Energy Standards

Energy efficiency measures need to be separately defined and implemented for each building. Our standards in this field include improved thermal insulation, the replacement of windows with modern double-glazing, and the installation of efficient heating systems. This makes our buildings economically attractive and simultaneously shows our commitment to climate conservation.